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Crawler tractor

SYNBON 50HP Crawler Rotary Cultivator

Mini Cralwer Tractor Rotary tiller Truck Orchard Machinery Cultivator CE certificate


Crawler walking, can turn in place, widely used in orchards, farmland, gardens, courtyards and other places.

Optional Standard configuration: Rotary tiller,weeding,Backfill,Ditch,Bulldozer, double plough, sprayer, straw returning machine, seeder, harvester, ditching fertiliser

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Features & Details

14 sets in 1*20GP container ,28 sets in 1*40HQ container

Orchard finishing machine: Various auxiliary tools can be installed.
Loaded before installation for engineering construction.
Install ploughs, seeders, harvesters, trenching, backfilling and other tools for farm work.
Install weeder, sprayer for orchard work

1. How much oil needs to be added to the engine: add it to the second grid of the oil dipstick
2. What is the capacity of the fuel tank: 20L
3. Refueling type: add about 16L of No. 8 hydraulic transmission oil to the gearbox position
.4. Precautions for product maintenance: After the machine works for 20 hours, change the oil in the whole vehicle. Gear oil must be added before the rotary tiller is used. This model does not need to add hydraulic oil.
5..50 HP Bare with and without Suspension: With



50HP    Crawler Rotary Cultivator






Length    2400mm Width 1500mm Height 1500m

Track    size

Length    350*90*46 Width 350mm
     The    outer track is full 150, the inner diameter is 80, the chassis height is 35,    and the power output is 60 off the ground

Diesel    Engine Brand

Changzhou    engine

Engine    speed

2400    rpm backfilling soil width 1m

Whole    machine weight

1500    kgs

Fuel    consumption

About    2-3  liter/mu

Walking    speed

The    fastest 25 KM/h


Patented custom gearbox


4 forward gears, one reverse gear, divided    into high and low speed, a total of 10 gears


The crawler has strong grip ability,    suitable for harsh terrain operations, small turning torque, flexible    turning, and can be used for both water and drought

air    filter

Paper filter, clean the air filter after    each work, blow the dust inside

Water    tank

After receiving the machine, check whether    there is water in the water tank. There should be no shortage of water in the    water tank, and antifreeze should be added when it is cold.

transfer    method

Drive shaft drive, hydraulic drive, not    mechanical

Additional implements:

Compatible with all wheel tractor    implements

Standard configuration implement

Rotary    tillage

Rotary    tiller width 1m, rotary tiller blade length 1950mm


Weeding    width 1m scraping the ground and weeding


Soil    width 1m


The    trench width is 30cm, the depth is 30cm


Shovel    width 1m high 30cm, maximum ground clearance 25cm


Normally    about 1-2 acres/hour

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