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Crawler tractor

25HP Water and dry land crawler rotary cultivator

Mini Water and dry land cralwer tractor truck Rotary tiller orchard machinery CE certificate


It can be turned in place and is widely used in paddy field,orchards, farmland, gardens, courtyards and other places.

Standard configuration: Rotary tiller,weeding,Backfill,Ditch

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Features & Details

16 sets in 1*20GP container , 30 sets in 1*40HQ container
1. The engine needs to add oil: 5L
2. Fuel tank capacity: 10L
3. Need to add gear oil: 5L
4. Need to add hydraulic oil: 5L
5. Precautions for product maintenance: After the machine has been working for 20 hours, the oil of the whole vehicle must be changed. The rotary tiller must be filled with gear oil, and the diesel tank must be filled with diesel. After each work, the air filter must be cleaned and an appropriate amount of engine oil must be added. The engine is of the "burning pot" type, the higher the water temperature in the water tank, the greater the power, so you need to add water from time to time



Water    and dry land crawler rotary cultivator




25    HP


Length    2340mm Width 1100mm Height 1540m

Track    size

Length    72*46 Width 251mm Rotary tiller Rotary tiller width 1m, Rotary tiller blade    length 1950mm

Diesel    Engine Brand

Changzhou    engine weeding and weeding width 1m scraping and weeding

Engine    speed

2200    rpm backfilling soil width 1m

Whole    machine weight

Approximately    800 kgs

Fuel    consumption

1    liter/mu or so Dozer blade width 1m height 30 cm, maximum ground clearance    25cm

Walking    speed

The    fastest 15KM/h efficiency is about 1-2 acres/hour


Customized    version of pure gear transmission


3    forward gears, one reverse gear, divided into high and low speeds, a total of    8 gears


The    crawler track has strong gripping ability, suitable for small-scale    operations such as orchards, greenhouses, woods, etc. It is composed of    rubber + five-layer steel wire + iron skeleton, which is not easy to deviate    and not easy to derail. Reasons (1. with guide rail 2. with added profile)

air    filter

Clean    the air filter after each work, and add proper amount of engine oil

Water    tank

Water    should be added at 3/1 of the water drift, otherwise it is easy to damage the    machine parts and reduce the service life

transfer    method

Gearbox    mechanical transmission

Auxiliary    Tools Specifications

Rotary    tillage

Rotary    tiller width 1m, rotary tiller blade length 1950mm


Weeding    width 1m scraping the ground and weeding


Soil    width 1m


The    trench width is 30cm, the depth is 30cm

Work    efficient

Normally    about 1-2 acres/hour


All-in-one    fertilizing, ditching and backfilling machine, the depth of 0-20CM is the    deepest, the fertilizing bucket can hold about 30 kg of fertilizer


The    upper ridge surface is up to 50CM, the lower ridge surface is up to 80CM, and    the ridge surface is up to 30CM. You can also adjust the ridge surface and    height and width according to your needs.

Double    plough

Two    plows and traction frame

Broken    grass back to the field

The    width of the machine is 0.8-1.2 meters, (stalk can be crushed)


The    spray diameter is 15 meters, each nozzle can be adjusted independently

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