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Potato Harvester/Digger



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Features & Details

Benefits and Features

4UD potato harvester is attached to 20-30 hp tractor and work by the back power.With the supporting of tractor’s PTO,it is used for digging potatoes and separating the potatoes from soil by shaker,the soil drops between the clearance of shaker,and the potatoes on the shaker will fall on the land by shaking.


  • Attached to 20-30hp tractor.

  • Easy operation.

  • Digging the potato without cutting or damaging.


ModelUnitSeeding row
Harvesting rows
Working widthmm600-800
Working depthmm100-250
PTO Rotation speedr/min540-720
PTO shaft spline
6 spline
Total weightkg140
Matched powerhp20-30
Three-point suspension I type
The items selectable
PTO transmission shaft in 8 spline

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