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SYNBON crawler dump truck SYCD80

8 Ton SYNBON mining dumper crawler dump truck SYCD90


Rated load 8000kg

Power 74kw/2200rpm

Dumper size 3600*2200*600mm


Crawler Dumper is a frequently-used of special track vehicle , it is widely used in agriculture, minerals, water conservancy and other large and medium-sized projects for earth, rock, coal and other displacement work.

Domestic famous engines, strong driving force, low fuel consumption, high economic benefits.
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Features & Details

Product Application

Mini Diesel Crawler Track Carrier Mini Crawler Dump Truck

Free crawler transporter in mud, icy roads, dump design, crawler walking, motor to walk, a great deal of extended use power. Carrying capacity is strong, climbing ability, simplicity of operator, maintenance easy.


8ton SYCD80 Crawler dumper
Transmission caseWANLIYANG 545(5 1)
Drive axle typeDONGFENG 153
Maximum speed per hour30KM
Number of unilateral tugs8
Tugboat diameter200 Heavy solid wheel /206 Bearing
Crawler type450*90*70
Hydraulic cylinder type115*900 Double top dump
Carriage size2.8*2*0.6(bottom 4 side3)
CabinSimple cabin

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