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Crawler Excavator

SYNBON Mini Crawler Excavator SY603.5

3.5Ton Mini Excavator Digger SY603.5 with Cabin


Operating weight  3500kg

Bucket Capacity    0.1m3

Power           19.6kW     

Overall size     4180*1500*2128 mm



With multiple functions of digging, grabbing, drilling, bull-dozing, ditch-cleaning and rock-breaking, this excavator can be widely used in various construction projects such as water supply, power supply, gas supply, telecommunication network, farmland and garden works etc.

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Features & Details

Benefits and Features

1 Famous brand engine features strong power and low fuel consumption.

2 Imported hydraulic system features high working efficiency.

3 Professional structural parts and working mechanism features reliability and durability.

4 Breaking pipeline equipped improves the working performance.

5 Humanized design features comfortable operation and convenient maintenance.

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EngineYan-mar Engine
Max.torque44.5N.m at 2200rpm

Hydraulic system: constant power variable displacement piston pump with main pump typeMax. Pump displacement 32ccSino Italian joint venture load sensitive full hydraulic control, international technology leading brandsPilot-scale control pilotHydraulic motor rotary plunger quantitative belt brake bufferWalking plunger speed integration

Working weight3500kg
Bucket capacity0.23m³
Track width350mm
Arm length1230mm
Boom length2350mm

Rotary speed10rpm
Min.turning radius650-718mm
Max.walking speed high/low5.55/3.06km/h
Grade ability26°
Max.digging force of bucket24kn
Max.digging force of arm13.6kn
Ground pressure0.477kg/cm²

Fuel tank capacity50L
Hydraulic oil tank capacity43L
The dimension of transportation(L*W*H)4600*1650*2260mm
Whole machine weight3500kg

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