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Crawler Excavator

SYNBON Crawler Excavator SY607

7 ton Hydraulic Digging Construction Equipment mining machinery crawler excavator


Operating weight 7 Ton

Bucket Capacity 0.28M³

Power 48KW

Overall size 6054*2216*2672MM


Urban construction, road construction, landscape engineering, farmland transformation, mining engineering, etc., working conditions are narrow and complicated

Domestic famous brand engine, strong power,less fuel consumption.
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Features & Details

A Super strong configuration, excellent performance

1. Domestic famous brand engine, strong power, to meet the efficient operation requirements. Accurate matching design and advanced energy saving control make the machine less fuel consumption.

2. The use of new cooling fans and large mufflers makes the noise of the machine lower

3. The advanced turbocharging technology is used to enhance the adaptability of the high altitude machine.

4. The unique funnel type fan cover greatly improves the engineand#39;s air intake and the ability of the system to heat the heat, so as to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the machine.

B Advanced hydraulic system

1. High end configuration: double pump confluence, full hydraulic pilot, 360 degree rotary, imported oil pipe, original imported variable piston pump, import main valve, imported rotary assembly and imported walking assembly, with broken oil circuit system, ensuring product quality.

To integrate the latest research results, reduce energy consumption, improve design, and respond faster.

2. Strong and precise rotary control: improve vibration absorption characteristics, ensure that rotary stop action is more precise and stable; improve torque reserves, provide more powerful turning capability for machine.

3 Oil cylinder buffer function: boom cylinder and bucket cylinder, and bucket oil cylinder design has cushioning, which can reduce the vibration and impact of the machine, reduce noise and extend the life of the cylinder.

Double pump confluence technology: increase the main valve supply of the arm, bucket, bucket and cylinder of the flow of each oil cylinder to improve the speed of operation.

C Durable high reliability

1. The design of the cross section shape of the improved caterpillar frame reduces the soil accumulation and makes the sprocket less easy to wear and improves the durability of the machine.

2 The important hinge part of the bucket rod adopts the structure of forgings. By changing the shape and the thickness of the plate, the stress is eased and the durability is improved.

3. The whole arm is welded by the whole body, and the boring machine is disposed at the end. It can improve the robustness of the arms and arms and prolong the service life of the pins and sleeves, so that the welding and breakage of the welded joints is avoided and the service life is durable.

4. A special wear resistant steel plate is used for the cutting board of the bucket. It is suitable for heavy load operation, and is equipped with wear-resistant bucket teeth and side teeth, so as to improve the performance of the machine.

D Operating environment

1. To expand the scope of vision in all directions, increase the front window, side window and rear window to ensure the wide field of vision, reduce the blind area greatly, and the operation is safer and more efficient.

2. Increase skylight glass to improve visibility and increase ventilation. The windows and doors are made of toughened glass to prevent direct sunlight from the shading board.

3. All operation control is designed and arranged according to the ergonomics theory.

4 The handle is easy and easy to control.

5. Luxury interior cab, LCD panel, luxury seat.Installation of air conditioning and warm air to ensure fast heating of the room.

E Intelligent operation and display

1. The electric throttle control system makes full use of the engine power to keep the machine with the best efficiency and economy in different working conditions.

2 . The function of automatic idling is to turn on the function of automatic idle. If the machine doesnand#39;t operate in 5 seconds, the engine will automatically operate at idle speed, save fuel and reduce noise.

3. Multi function LCD monitor, super large screen, digital display, monitor the working state of engine (speed, water temperature, oil pressure, etc.), and inquire all kinds of running information of machine at any time.

4. Function switch arranged on the control panel, the touch button, easy selection.

5. Use GPS satellite positioning system, remote diagnosis, fault warning, maintenance and maintenance, automatic reminding.

F Convenient and fast repair and maintenance

1. The oil filter, the pilot oil filter, the fuel filter and the oil-water separator are set on the ground to be checked and replaced.

2. Large capacity fuel tank to achieve long time operation.

3. The super large toolbox is more conducive to the storage of spare items.

4. Maintenance and maintenance cycle is longer: select high quality components, prolong service life, reduce the maintenance time of the machine.


Performance Parameter
Operating weight7ton
Bucket Capacity0.28
Swing Speed0-11Rmp
Bucket Max.Digging Force56KN
Arm Max.Digging Force38KN
Engine ModelYC4FA65
Power/Rotation Speed48/2200KW/Rmp
Tyre Model-
System Pressure27MPa
Working Range
Max.Digging Height7023MM
Max. Dumping Height5195MM
Max.Digging Depth3898MM
Max.Vertical Digging Depth2968MM
Max.Digging Radius6182MM
Min.Swing Radius1740MM
Dozer Blade Max.Lifting Height382MM
Dozer Blade Max.Cutting Depth332MM
Cabin Height2672MM
Sproket To Idler2209MM
Axle Distancer1745MM
Min.Ground Clearance375MM
Tail Swing Radius1730MM

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