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SYCS31 Walk behind concrete laser screed

SYNBON Double Drum Electric Control Concrete Laser Screed


Engine HONDA Generator

Power 2.0KW

Overall size 2860*2622*1980mm


Hand-held laser concrete screed machine is used in large area concrete construction, such as workshop, supermarket, warehous, airport, playground and so on. This machine can satisfy the construction requirements of large area and high planeness and levelness.

Use hydraulic drive system, with laser systems and computer control system to make automatic level and at the same time to finish leveling work.
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Features & Details

The principle of the concrete laser leveling machine is to rely on the gasoline generator to generate electricity. The electric drive laser measurement and control system, the computer control system and the servo drive system use the leveling head to complete the leveling work. The whole machine is composed of the fuselage and the leveling head. The flat is mainly completed by the flattening head part, which includes: a scraper, a vibrating unit, a vibrating plate, a laser receiver and the like. The instruments used with the concrete laser leveling machine are: laser emitters, hand-held laser receivers, etc.


ModelHONDA Generator(Able to connect with external electric source)
Fuel tank14.5L
Walking device
DrivingElectric motor
Running typeElectric control, stepless speed
Running speed0-36m/min
Working speed5m/min
Screed head
TypeElectric control, self-leveling
Exciting force500N
Vibration Frequency50HZ
Laser control system
Control typeMicrocomputer control
Size and weight
Outline dimension2860*2622*1980mm

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