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Backhoe Loader

Backhoe Loader SY746A

Hot selling high quality mini backhoe wheel loader, tractor backhoe loader.


Overall Weight: 5000 KG

Rated Loading Weight: 1600KG

Rated Bucket Capacity: 0.3m3

Loading Bucket Capacity: 0.6m3

Rated Power of Engine: 60KW

Condition :

Used in small places such as courtyards, roadsides, woodlands, etc.

Yuchai engine of high quality with strong torque and power.
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Features & Details


Backhoe loaders are often used in a variety of projects that require excavation and treatment of soil. For example, trenches need to be dug to lay pipes and underground cables to lay the foundation for the building. In order to establish a drainage system, trenches need to be excavated. While many other tools can do the job, the tap loader can significantly improve efficiency. In contrast, backhoe loaders are much smaller than large single-function devices such as crawler excavators. They can walk around different construction sites and even run on the road. While some small loaders and excavator equipment may be smaller than backhoe loaders, using a backhoe loader can save significant time and money if the contractor also needs a digging and loader.


1.its forward and backward directions are switched by electric hydraulic control.

2.The loader working device is an eight-bar automatic leveling mechanism.

3. Its chassis is an integral type special chassis featured in strong rigidity, impact resistance and compact size.

4.four-cylinder supercharged engine is featured in high fuel efficiency, low emission and large power margin.


1.The bucket is leveled automatically while hoisting, in order to avoid scattering and ensure stable working.

2.The excavator working device can rotate 180 degrees along the gyration center at the back of the frame.

3.The A/H-shaped stabilizer and the center-positioned excavating device are strong in working stability.

Detail Picture

SYNBON Backhoe loader Series


Overall Weightkg5000
Rated Bucket Capacitym30.3
Loading Bucker Capacitym30.6
Max. Digging Depthmm3400
Max. Digging Heightmm5000
Max. Digging Radiusmm4600
Turning Angle of Movable Arm°180
Rise Heightmm3700
Discharge Heightmm2700
Min. Turning Radiusmm4800
Discharge Distancemm1000
Rated Loading Weightkg1600
Rise Time of Movable Arms3.5
Fall Time of Movable Arms2.5
Comprehensive Times7
Engine ModelCUMMINS 4BTA3.9-C80
Rated Power of EngineKW60
Engine Fluxml/r40
Work PressureMpa16~18
Max. Grade Ability%25
Walking Speedkm/h18~28
Min. Ground Clearancemm260
Wheel Basemm2000
Tire modelmm20.5-16

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