SYNBON Backhoe Loader SY746L




Operating weight  6000kg

Bucket Capacity    0.25m3

Power            92kW     

Overall size      6500*2040*2800mm


suitable for concrete pavement broken, sand and stone material mixing and small space construction operations, reducing maintenance and operating costs, improving the degree of mechanization. With multiple functions of digging, grabbing, drilling, bull-dozing, ditch-cleaning and rock-breaking

Front Loader with Excavator  6000KG  SY746L


Optional attachments: Auger,Grapper,Ripper, Rake,Hammer, 200mm Bucket,800mm Bucket, Plain Bucket ,Quick change



  • Packaging & Shipping

    1unit in 20GP Container, 2units in 40HC container


    Benefits & Features

    1.Increased the cab with safety glass, bright and spacious.

    2.Working table, water temperature, oil temperature, current, can see clearly at a glance.

    3.Reasonable fuel tank, convenient to refuel.

    4.Using brand-name hydraulic parts,the main pump has a long life and high working  efficiency.

    5.Adjustable seat, easy to use, comfortable.

    6.Hydraulic steering, easy to operate, convenient.

    7.Hydraulic walking system, using domestic famous brand piston motor, mechanical stepless  gears.

    SYNBON Details.png


  • ItemUnitParameter
    Overall Weightkg6000
    Rated   Bucket Capacitym30.25
    Loading Bucker Capacitym31.2
    Max. Digging Depthmm2600
    Max. Digging Heightmm2300
    Max. Digging Radiusmm4600
    Turning Angle of Movable Arm°180
    Rise Heightmm3500
    Unloading distancemm900
    Rated Loading Weightkg3000
    Comprehensive TimeS12
    Engine ModelYunnei
    Rated Power of EngineKW92
    Rated speedr/min2400
    Work PressureMpa18
    Max. Grade Ability%25
    Walking Speedkm/h28
    Min. Ground Clearancemm290
    Wheel Basemm1630
    Tire modelmm16/70-20