Precautions For SYNBON Concrete Mixer
Time : 2019-12-09

1. The capacity, quality and slump of concrete transported by concrete mixer shall meet the concrete industry standards and requirements.

2. In the process of concrete transportation, the tank body of large-scale mixing tank truck shall be stopped from running to avoid the formation of concrete agglomeration. The impact on the hydraulic system and reducer will be formed when the truck is stopped and restarted, which will cause damage to the hydraulic pump and motor.

3. When the small mixer truck is traveling on the road, it is necessary to place the lengthened chute on the support of the discharge chute and hang it firmly with a hook. It is not allowed to hang it on the main discharge chute for work. The main discharge chute shall be rotated to a fixed position, the positioning handle shall be pulled down, and the spring luffing fabric shall be locked with the locking handle to avoid shaking due to non fixation, which may cause personal injury and affect the work of other vehicles 。

4. The continuous working time of operation equipment shall not exceed 8h.

5. During unloading, if water transpiration and low slump are found, which can not meet the user's requirements, water can be added into the cylinder properly, and then the concrete can be unloaded after 30 revolutions at the speed of 10-14r / min, so as to make the concrete fully mixed.

6. In the process of no-load operation of the mixer, the mixing drum shall not stop running to avoid the collision between the roller track and the roller part during the fluctuation, resulting in the abnormal damage of the roller track and the roller track.

7. Always fill up the water tank for emergency use. Before adding water to the water tank, it is necessary to open the air valve to let off the air in the tank; when flushing, open the air valve to let off the air in the water tank when the flushing is finished or stopped. When parking in winter, there shall be no water left in the water tank and water supply system to avoid frost crack. Note: the water tank is pressurized only when supplying water. Do not carry the pressurized water tank on the road.

8. When the concrete mixer truck is fully loaded with concrete, if it wants to rotate, it is necessary to operate the handle to make the forward rotation stop stably, and then operate the handle to rotate. Do not rotate the handle during forward rotation. Mixer price

The above are the eight things that the concrete mixer should pay attention to. I hope it can help you.

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